I watched Pacific Rim again and Hermann cracks me up cuz he acts like he’s the straight man to Newton’s stooge, but literally everyone knows it’s like comparing the maturity of a 6 year old to a 5 year old



holy shit this is gold hahahahahhahahah

also i really love how you draw hermann!!


The seven deadly sins of onceler askblogs

okay im not even going to hide this i just thought of this and decided to do lazy half-assed drawings. I am so sorry.

I gave up at pride as you can tell due to the fact that cheap now looks like a badly drawn elton john.

Imagine Dragons - The Radioactive Fox (feat. Ylvis)
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The Radioactive Fox

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons vs. The Fox by Ylvis.

Based on the above post.

Download here.

this is my favorite mashup ever

Psycosis - My Songs Know What You Did in Gravity Falls
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Honestly I feel kind of terrible because I’m happy that I can now canonically draw Cheap smoking but drawing characters smoking is just…really fun to do. Like…smoking is really really REALLY terrible and it smells and makes everything else smelly and it’s gross but artistically it looks really great.

There's no feathers on me to rustle. I just don't like cheap little cinemas. Goodbye.
Yes. I can in fact confirm that Cold-ler is 100% part unicorn.



Hope that’s working out fine for him then.


Apparently Cold-ler is 100% part unicorn….. I’m gonna have to agree with this.

LLovE how you draw faces, LOVE how you draw expressions mfmghghrblrhg
aAAAaA??? You do?? Oh gosh!! Oh gosh I’m so flattered thank you!!! I’m really impressed about them too and my grade 12 art teacher said that in regards to my cartooning, apparently expressions are my strong suit :”D
Thank you for the compliment!! It really means a lot!!

I was sitting downstairs next to my Mom a night ago and I had the opening to ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ playing in my head. For a brief moment I just sort of stiffened a little and I wondered if other people could hear the song as well cause it was a super odd montage for just sitting on the couch downstairs.

Then of course I reminded myself that when you play music in your head there is never a time when other people can hear it.

It’s only you with your gay anime openings playing in your head there.


Honestly, every time I drew Reverse Cheapskate; a.k.a “Rich” it looked like he was silently JUDGING ME.

Judging the music I’m listening to, judging my skype calls, judging the way I’m drawing things in the picture, judging my couch painting—ANYTHING.

I mean; I no longer have an example of it, but in one picture I was working on, Rich was pointing something out but it looked like he was pointing as the couch as I drew it and he was just judging me so harshly.

In addition, most of Rich’s updates look like I sold my soul to do them so everything ended up looking super pretty and I’m pretty sure that was because he wasn’t just scraping by like Cheap is. Now that boy was paying top dollar for the nicest art (although I didn’t get any money for it.) It would have been interesting to see the detail of his blog deteriorate again when Cheap returned but for the sake of showing off so much more, Cheap’s blog is now fully in colour. The scenery is now easier to see and it’s really really important. Trust me.

(*dusts this post off and pulls it out of drafts*)