Damnit i’m never going to stop being sad about Glados. I just can’t. I can’t do it NOpe. And I’m really sad about Wheatly too. OkaY I’m also still sad about the Once-ler, and Gatsby, and ALL THE ONCE-LERS

shit. SHit I’m so sad.

But at the same time, I really like to be sad. I like to care about all these characters and get these emotional responses. In case you’re wondering why the sudden sads, it’s because I listened to a sad song. Did you know that I spent sevral months avoiding a playlist that I constructed with sad songs relevant to a very sad plot of an RP? Yeah. I didn’t want to listen to a single song ever again after the first time because it just huRT So BAd.

Well, I love talking theories when it comes to plotlines that are shrouded in mystery. Today, I wanted to discuss Portal…but namely Portal 2 because the bulk of what we know comes with that game. So I’m about to go on rambling about theories surrounding the robots. I can only be about as vague as that because under the break I’m going to be going deep into spoilers.

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Well, it’s a bit colder today…and hey, it turns out that I haven’t updated my blog on what I’ve been doing lately. That is fine…

But…ugh….yesterday morning was just…slightly annoying. It’s that clichee of when your grandparents need help with technology because they ‘can’t work the cosharn thing’ and you happen to be the master of all the technology in the house.  I got to admit. That made me feel pretty special in some ways that I actually can just figure out how to use technology on the fly. Considering someone else in my family is an IT person, it’s almost like it’s a genetic ability but that is really just a question of nature versus nurture and how my mind seems to work.

I definitely have more updates to work on so I really have no excuses at this point. In addition…it really helps if you like drawing that particular character again and again. I’ve been wondering about undertaking some other blog projects but nothing major. Thing is, the moment you say ‘nothing major’ it baaasically turns into your main blog! I was going to do some more text based stuff and grab some co-mods because there are actually two that I’d like to do, but perhaps now is not the time when I am working full tilt on Cheap’s blog.

As for today, I’m going to pick some raspberries, do some drawing…and perhaps I’ll be streaming Revolutionary Girl Utena again today! We’re going to be starting up once more to move onto the Black rose saga. I kind of wanted to go to the forest today but I might only end up walking the dog around the block…to be honest I’m kind of scared of the prospect of being out there.

ON TOP OF EVERYTHING…I am SO jelous because my dad saw none other than a HUMMINGBIRD MOTH. OH. MY. GOD. I SAW SOME PICTURES. HE DESCRIBED IT AND I’M FREAKING OUT CAUSE IT’S THE CUTEST DAMN INSECT I’VE EVER HEARD OF WAHT THE HELL. I want to see one so badly because it’s so freaking adorable and I’m just flat out fascinated because it apparently looks like a mix of a hummingbird, moth and bumblebee. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAa

~caN I mEEt The Once-ler in pErsON??? <3 <3 <3


Dear Anonymous,

Good golly, it’s been a while since we talked, hasn’t it? I wanna say a quick “sorry” here to all the kids out there whose letters have been waiting to be answered this…however long it’s been. I figure teen-ager time moves much slower, so it must’ve seemed like a bajillion years to you! Meanwhile, in CEO time, things don’t so much drag as kinda blink by, especially since I’m not off for summer vacation. It’s tough to maintain a fan club when you’ve got an international enterprise to run besides. If it’s any consolation to you, at least you can be sure these letters are 100% genuine! You’ve got yourself the real McCoy, not some secretary pulling ropes behind a curtain.

Anyway! As for you, Anony (do you shy ones mind if I call you that?) let me give it to you straight, hun— the answer’s no! I wish I could help you out, honest. You’re going right for the golden opportunity here, and I can appreciate that. Smart! But even if I could telepathically determine who you were, I can’t meet with every stranger puttin’ the tease on. 


There are sure opportunities to do the very same, though, through events like concerts, promotional tours, parades (if you’re a lucky Thneedville resident)…et cetera. Settin’ your heart on a personal rendezvous, however, is highly un-recommended. I pretty much just go by schedule, because I’m all booked, baby! 

However. I remember what it’s like to be a kid who feels about 10 million lightyears away from the Lucky Ones. Believe me. I would suggest imagining this up, but we’ve been around that bend, haven’t we? Instead, I’m gonna do you a favor: give you a brief picture-tour of my office just as if you were to visit me personally.

Come on in!

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I decided to do a category art challenge so I have something to chew on for a while…

So I was considering, that in order to get more fanart out to those who work so hard on askblogs in this fandom, I would take a crack at drawing all the robots from Once-ler askblogs. (From what I know.)

The rule is, that they have to have originally been robots. I won’t draw magic anon forms.

If I miss any…uh, it’s because there are a LOT of askblogs. So I’ll draw from what I know first and then look into finding even more.

Pokeshaming was brought up at a pannel in the convention I went to and I said; ‘Yeah, I contributed to that.’ and then I guy behind me said that he saw what I drew, considering I described it, and all.

….iiiitts a small world aaaafterall…..

The post itself is sitting at 1816 notes but considering that number relative to the WHOLE internet….what are the odds?

Bio-luminescent Plantswone.
I came up with this a while ago and finally decided to realize this today. Because Swone has the dorky glowy suit, plant swone may very well be bio-luminescent. I made the green parts glow, but the red also shows up nicely despite not being as bright.

Bio-luminescent Plantswone.

I came up with this a while ago and finally decided to realize this today. Because Swone has the dorky glowy suit, plant swone may very well be bio-luminescent. I made the green parts glow, but the red also shows up nicely despite not being as bright.

Harvey and A.B going at it.
Below the belt, Harvey. Below the belt.
(this is really OLD.)

Harvey and A.B going at it.

Below the belt, Harvey. Below the belt.

(this is really OLD.)

SO! I won Portal 2 today!!

Mostly because I’ve been playing with vigor because it really is one of the BEST games I’ve ever played and probably floats right up there into my top few list. It’s probably taken me about a week? I’m not sure…but I’d play for 3 hours at a time so it took me a while. I always feel like I can work my way through the game at a rhythm pace with few interruptions. That’s probably what makes the game so addictive.

If you haven’t played the game yet, PLAY IT. It’s been on the market for a while now so you can get it for fairly cheap. If you like robots, puzzles,psychological matters, some philosophy, physics and great characters this is the game for you.

So, under the break I’m going to be talking about my feelings and it can be just a tad spoilerific! So if you haven’t played the game to completion, I don’t advise you pass this line.

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